The Abbeyfield Braintree & Bocking Society sets out to:
a: Provide a comfortable alternative home environment for older people who chose not to live alone.

b: To give them freedom to chose as much or as little involvement in communal living as they want.
c: To achieve this with courtesy and humility.

Abbeyfield in the community
Abbeyfield is firmly rooted in the local community. The people living in an Abbeyfield house are very much part of their neighborhood and enjoy the friendly contact this brings

Many attend clubs and join other activities locally.
Opportunities are made for residents, families and friends to participate in joint activities.

Our Society runs two homes in Braintree, Essex, one is Very Sheltered Housing and the other, newer one is an Extra Care Home

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Gt Bradfords House
Gt Bradfords Conservatory
Gt Bradfords Lounge view
Gt Bradfords Dining Room
Wickham House
Wickham House Dining Room
Wickham House Lounge

What is Very Sheltered Housing,
and who's it for?
Very sheltered Housing is fully catered housing with 24 hr emergency cover. Residents are usually over 65 and do not have to come from the Braintree area. Residents must have a nominated contact whose responsibility is to be available in an emergency. The support is provided by paid full time members of staff & out of hours, by CareCall.

It offers:
18 Studio Rooms
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What is Extra Care, and who's it for?
This new facility is different from ordinary sheltered housing schemes in that is has additional facilities and
support is available on-site round the clock. It is intended for those who wish to remain independent for as long as possible but need help and support on a regular basis to make this possible.

It offers:
33 one bedroom self contained flats and 2 two bedroom self contained flats for rent with extra services
Self contained flats for rent with extra services and communal facilities
Care provision on-site by Social Services approved providers
A real alternative to residential care for those who value their independence

Can I afford it?
Abbeyfield is affordable to all, regardless of income. The running costs are met by residents' weekly charges and can be paid either through private resources, Housing Benefit and / or income support. Many residents will also be eligable for Supporting People funding.

The full monthly rent in Extra Care for 2012 is £1122.54 this is based on a 1 bedroom single occupancy unit. In very sheltered Housing it is £1157. Many tenants receive Housing Benefit and Supporting people funding, this means these people will only pay £188.84 and £285.96 respectively per month.

01376 326196 (24hr answer phone)
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