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Accommodation and care in later life

Living at home can become harder as you get older, but choosing to move into assisted living accommodation doesn’t have to mean losing your independence. In fact, many of our residents tell us it feels like a new beginning.  

Moving in to one of our homes has 3 huge benefits




We provide care and support for older people

At Abbeyfield we believe older people deserve time and respect. It’s our mission to provide the best service of care and housing for all our residents, and to be a champion for older people. We have been a charitable housing organisation for nearly 50 years. Throughout this time our residents are always at the heart of what we do and the services we provide.

We believe that choosing The Abbeyfield Braintree, Bocking and Felsted Society is a good move

Every one of our residents is special and deserves the very best level of service, and we’re committed to making their lives as happy as possible. Through our ethos of care and our remarkable staff we aim to enhance later life for all residents that live at an Abbeyfield home.


Our Beliefs

We believe that a fulfilling life is one that nourishes an individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs; that everybody has an intrinsic value and worth and should be supported to live in dignity and with respect.

We understand how important freedom and independence are but we’re always there for reassurance and extra help if required.

Abbeyfield’s Mission Statement:  “To Enhance the quality of life for older people”

Abbeyfield’s Organisational Values:

Caring means that the well-being of our residents is central to everything we do, and that every individual will be treated with dignity and respect.  It also embraces our volunteers and staff, and by learning and supporting each other, Abbeyfield will be an organisation where people can grow and find fulfillment.

Openness means that as an organisation we encourage and support new ideas from residents, volunteers and staff, and by learning through discussion we appreciate each other’s differences and will adopt suggestions which will improve the service that Abbeyfield provides. We will be open to change, and will seize opportunities that allow us to continue working towards our mission.

Honesty means that we will each work in an ethical way.  As individuals, we will each lead by example in order that residents, volunteers and staff will have confidence in the integrity of Abbeyfield.

Respect is something we understand we have to earn.  We earn it not only valuing each other as individuals and valuing each others views, beliefs and background but also by working hard to develop relationships with our residents, volunteers, staff and the communities in which we operate.  We act in a respectful way towards each other; honouring the commitments and promises we have made to each other.


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